How Does Selling Your Bandwidth Work?

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2 min readJul 1, 2022

Disclaimer: I am not your financial advisor, any decision you decide to make with your money is completely your responsibility and I will not be responsible for any monetary loss if you have any.

Now with that out of the way, let's begin!

What is Honeygain?

In short, Honeygain is an app that helps you earn money by selling your extra bandwidth (your unused internet). How this works is that you run the app on your device, and it will sell your unused bandwidth (wifi/data) to big companies for research, hosting, and more. They also collect statistics and analytics which they use to help marketing companies become better.

How Does It Benefit The World?

Now to our favorite question, how does Honeygain benefit the world?
Well, you can look at it from 2 perspectives, the seller, and the company.

The Seller’s Perspective: The sellers can earn spare cash selling their unused internet, which could come in really handy sometimes when people purchase a data plan that they can’t finish.

The Company’s Perspective: On the other hand, it also benefits companies because it helps them grow. Companies use the seller’s unused internet to host things, collect statistics, and more!

Bandwidth buying and selling is a growing industry, and I’m sure it will continue growing in the future to meet exisiting and newer demands,

How Can I Start Using Honeygain?

You can simply visit Honeygainu and sign up, afterwards download the app and you are good to go!

Bonus: Jumptask

After verifying your email, you can switch over to Jumptask mode. This means credits will be automatically converted into Jumptask tokens (Which is actually a cryptocurrency) and paid out to your wallet when you request a payout! Using Jumptask removes the $20 withdrawal threshold, making it so that you can withdraw anytime as long as you have enough to cover the blockchain transaction fees!
Once you have received your Jumptask tokens, you can then proceed to swap them for some BNB on Pancakeswap, and then sell that in a crypto exchange for cash!

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